Volume calculator
Unit Length Width Height

Volume Water Weight
Litres Imp. Gallons US Gallons Kilos (fresh) Lbs (fresh) Kilos (salt) Lbs
Select the unit (in/cm/ft/metres) then enter the dimensions of your aquarium to calculate the volume.

Live Rock Required
Unit VolumeKilos of Rock
Select the unit (litres/gallons) then the Volume of your aquarium to calculate the recommended live rock required for a tank using Live Rock as main filtration method

Temperature °C °F
Area Feet² Metre² Inches²
Length cm Inches Feet Metres
Volume Imp Gallons US Gallons Litres
Weight Pounds Ounces Kilograms
Hardness GH DH Clark
  mg/l CaCo3 US Hardness
Fishless Cycling - Ammonia Required
Unit Volume Desired Level
(3ppm recommended)
% of ammonia in solution Solution required

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